Follow the Money

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A friend of mine came back from an education conference held in Florida. It had great points, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to improve schools? When asked for her end assessment, though, she pondered and said one line:

Follow the money.

So I read a post today… a phenomenal post with precisely the tone all educators need to use- passionate, caring, knowledgeable when talking about the current destruction of education.

It is a post that speaks for itself. Here it is: Its About the Money, Stupid by Gene Gordon.

His comment on the bottom has me pondering… we need to get people talking, but not “the choir”– Hmm. Have to think about that… how to, how to…


Oh, yeah– and you might want to read the article, shared by Diane Ravitch, that inspired it all: Selling Schools Out.  There is a quote there, “One study estimated that revenues from the K-12 online learning industry will grow by 43 percent between 2010 and 2015, with revenues reaching $24.4 billion,” that might want you to watch this excellent video… “Which CEO Made $5 Million Stealing Your Kids Lunch Money?”

Have to warn you, though… digesting the post, article, and video might make your blood boil hotter than this dragon’s!


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