Why I Love My Job This Week of All Weeks

The events in Sandy Hook of last Friday, December 14th, 2012, are horrific.  I find myself nightly searching the news in some sense of denial, thinking that I will log on and those twenty precious and innocent children will still be here and those six selfless staff members will not have been sacrificed.   All teachers I know are rocked to the core, each questioning ourselves on what we would do and how we would act.  Would we be able to be as brave?

On Monday I was noticeably short on patience, on Tuesday I was tearful.  Today, Wednesday, I remain shaky.

But the students, as always, are there and beautiful.  The students, as always, show light through the dark.

This week many of my students have found me in the halls to tell me of their long-awaited acceptance letters to the universities of their aspirations.  I have hugged and danced and rejoiced, all while picturing those twenty in Newtown who would never reach this day.  That sorrowful recessed thought, however, is fleeting.  Before me is an amazing person, one who may well change a large portion of the world and who definitely will change a corner of it, about to embark on something new.

New beginnings.  New hope.  That is what I needed this week.  Thank you, as always, my students.