Infographics: Engaging in Research and Communication

Increasingly, Infographics come across my Diigo and Twitter feeds.

I love them… art, words, and numbers working together to convey an idea.  Here is one on what are the six skills we need to teach learners, and here is one on types of learners.   There are infographics for every interest.

From EyeOnEducation
From EyeOnEducation

Mostly I love infographics because they help teach kids to make ideas and numbers relatable to the audience, like this one, which explains why “Mrs. Robinson” is played so often on the radio, not that I am complaining.  But I have to admit that I also worry: all ideas are nuanced and complicated, and we do not do enough in our schools to teach mathematical thinking and critical skepticism.

But here is a question:  how can I integrate infographics into my curriculum?

First. get to know them.  Here is a great dictionary of infographics, some of which have me roll with laughter and others make me shake with anger.

Then, start to listen to the advice around them. Here is a site from ASCD that overviews the skills…and here is one that showcases some free tools, and another with some advice.

Then, be flexible. While tech would be great, I think we could make low tech ones as well…

So… looking forward to getting more infographics into my curriculum!


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