Been awhile…

First, an apology for those who were actually reading this, but most importantly to my students who followed this blog hoping for answers.

Here are headlines:  After 13 years in one district, I applied to the neighboring district, a heart-wrenching decision.  I told my students they would understand more when they read my blog… but then, days after school ended, my mom was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor, which threw my summer into chaos.  Life sorted out a bit in August, and then school started.  So despite best intentions, here it is October, and no real post.   My apologies.

Here is what I still think:  in any situation you do not like or cannot stomach, you can first try to influence it, then you can try to avoid it, but eventually you may have to leave to save part of your soul.   It sounds dramatic, but I still think it true.  Value yourself and your strengths well enough to question status quo and to think what might be.

As I think back, I am thankful for all I learned and for all the experiences my last school district gave me.  I believe, however, that the move extended the life of my career, and for that, I am grateful… grateful for colleagues who understood, family who supported, and for students- who always make me remember why I love my job.


One thought on “Been awhile…

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post. I miss and love you Ms.Cody. You will forever be a role model of mine.

    -Morgan Dykman

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