What do we know of current stress, fall of 2021? 

So if the last stress data I had for teachers was 2017, what can I find out about current stress levels?  

According to this June article from Chalkbeat, 75% of teachers reported frequent job-related stress, and perhaps more alarmingly, 27% of teachers report signs of depression compared to the average for adults, which is 10%.  That information came from Rand in an article that addressed threatened teacher supply.   More local news, like this from Portland, backs that up: of the 2861 teachers surveyed, over 1000 were thinking of leaving.  70% of the 2800 reported their stress levels were high or severe, with 28% reporting the stress impacts their health. 

There is much to that stress.  The amount of hours it took to replan, redesign last year– and this seemed true if you were online for the majority of the year like we were, hybrid, or face to face– was intense.  In every situation, the techniques and materials used had to shift. 

In every situation, students were going through intense change and pacing needed to shift. 

The end result? 

This fall?  There were hopes of getting better.  For me, I have a brand new building and all sorts of stressors that come with it, but again– from every teacher I hear, it is the same story. 

I recall some of my students’ banter early this year when they were talking about commonalities for different fields.  One of them asked what teachers had in common?  A fellow student quipped, “depression.” 

That stuck with me.  I thought about that September comment hard. 


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